Mom’s Afternoon Respite 

Are you a mom who had a baby during a world wide pandemic?

Are you looking for ways to retrieve your life energy?

This was created just for you by Suzanne Clease and Ger Curran fcj and is hosted at the The FCJ Retreat Centre in Calgary. This is a 3-part arts-based workshop. Sign up for one session or all 3, the choice is yours.Give yourself 3 hours a month to discover self-empowering insights and practices.

Art therapist Suzanne Clease and Ger Curran a Counsellor at the centre have witnessed the recent frustrations of mothers living within the mandated restrictions created by the pandemic. We understand the importance of social connections and of the need to create a healthy life balance.

Give yourself an opportunity to connect with other moms. Reflect on the thoughts and emotions you may have experienced from unmet expectations. Imagine new possibilities for yourself and your baby post pandemic with support and creative expression.

The Focus of the Workshop

  • Explore and articulate unmet expectations as a result of the pandemic.
  • Foster appreciation for the personal story
  • Provide emotional support and create community
  • Help cultivate resiliency and self-compassion

No previous art skills required, only a willingness to work with simple, readily available materials.

Let me know if evenings, weekends, daytime work best for you?
eg: mother's group, doll making, grief and loss....

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