I often hear people say that they are not creative.

Find out for yourself by answering these 5 questions .

Circle the statements that are true for you.

1. I often accept last minute invitations to socialize with friends

2. I enjoy surprising the people in my life with unexpected  gifts.

3. When I don’t have the right gadget or tool to fix something I improvise        

4. I just know when someone close to me is in need.        

5. I find ways to make life easier for others.

If you circled any of the 5 statements you are a creative .  If you circled all, then you are without doubt a super creative. Experts affirm that creativity is about spontaneity, playfulness, imagination, motivation, originality, intuition, self-expression, and inventiveness.

In my practice as an Art Psychotherapist creativity is allowed to flourish.  Art making is a process and not about perfection or creating pretty pictures or objects. There is no judgment, no analyzing of the your art, no bias or preconceptions. Your art is personal, original and meaningful to you. I serve as you guide to greater understanding  and self-awareness  to facilitate the change you desire.

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