Can you imagine experiencing 30 days of GLADNESS? I am so GLAD to share a wellness technique that has enhanced everyday life for many.

Research has shown that the more grateful a person is the more present and mindful they can be. Let me introduce you to Daniel Altman’s G.L.A.D. technique that places focus on what’s going right, not what’s wrong or disappointing. G.L.A.D. is an acronym for ways of finding joy and balance by paying attention to the life around you in a more positive and self-aware way.

Why not try G.L.A.D. for 30 days? Here is how to do it:

  1. Make a daily 5-minute date with yourself.  
  2. Find a quiet place at the end of your day where you can be uninterrupted
  3. Select a page in your mini notebook
  4. Write the date
  5. Write the acronym G.L.A.D.

G —  One gratitude that you are thankful for today. Choose something that is relevant to your day. It could be about appreciating someone, a work relationship, partnership, community of friends or it could also be something about yourself and how you feel.  Today I am grateful for my friend Sharon who walked my dog when I was at work.

 L — One new thing you learned today. This can be about yourself, something new that you learned from others or something you learned about someone you’ve known for a long time. It can mean learning a new fact or something from an experience. Just by being curious, it allows you to see that each day is full of new things. After I completed my bike ride I learned that I can focus better and will make sure to take an exercise break next time I have an assignment

A — One small accomplishment. We often believe that an accomplishment has to be medal worthy. It can be an ordinary simple act of self-care that you did for yourself or another. For example: going to bed at a decent hour, making it to school or work on time, completing a task on time, not forgetting to eat.

D — One thing of delight that touched you today. Consider anything that made you smile, laugh, brought you joy or was pleasing to your senses. This could be something beautiful or interesting that you saw, heard, tasted, felt or smelled. I was delighted with the smell of fresh cut grass and the flowering mock orange bush on my morning walk.                     

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